Shelton Huts

Shelton Huts is the brainchild of Mattie Shelton and Evan Walbridge.  Steel, wood, and canvas huts, built on trailers.  We produced a series of 'loop' videos and photographs, documenting the process for Instagram and web publication.     

Blue Sky Center

Blue Sky Center is a haven for forward thinkers, located in New Cuyama.  Workshops, community gardens, and social initiatives facilitated by the Zannon Family Foundation.  We've created social content for Blue Sky Center's Argosy Odyssey and desert property.  

SB Channel Keeper

SB Channel Keeper is a grass-roots organization dedicated to protect and restore the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds.  Science-based education, advocacy, fieldwork and enforcement.  In collaboration with Christian Beamish, we introduced The Cormorant.  


Kaibae is a Santa Barbara based super food company.  Using 'lost crops' as materials for healthy eating and cosmetics, Kaibae creates economic opportunity for indigenous communities.  Delicious, sustainable, easy.  We've collaborated to generate a social media 'story series'.  

True Ames

True Ames began handcrafting surf fins in 1979.  Since the beginning, they've been on the forefront of wave riding innovation.  George Greenough, Wayne Rich, The Yaters', and almost every surfer look to True Ames for the ride of their life.  We are teaming up to provide the public with a sneak peek of the production process.

La Arcada.

Coming soon...